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Post up pictures here that you think may be nice for section photos on the site. The pictures must be yours, not just taken from the Internet. Non copy written. Good quality.

Full30 channel:



Pump Action Shotgun

Lever Action Rifle

Bolt Action Rifle

WInter Look For Coyote Hunting

Black Powder Muzzleloader

Semi-Auto Trap Shotgun

Archery Compound Bow

My Slice of Heaven




just a few I’ve taken that may be applicable or at least, I hope, enjoyed!


So, a professional photographer with great taste in beer :beer:


Current photo selected by DFH for their Off Center your Summer photo contest actually! Just my buddies and me back in PA on top of Poe mountain around the fire at the 1930s fire tower attendant’s cabin we frequented for weekend getaways. Good clean livin’


I think full30nick just won the Internet with those.


Thanks! Always taking more too! I have a ton of really spectacular outdoor and scenic shots I’ve taken in PA and in FL since moving here.



Well I guess I will have to troubleshoot this later. I cant upload 99% of my photos because it says “error converting from PNG to JPEG”… but the images are all JPEG. Technology sucks. :angry: Here is a few anyways. Will have to jump on the desktop later.


my grandbaby bully hates when I dry fire my LCR.




lol, this is a good photo for the members board

this post was for pics to use in the category photos


if I was you I’d have that guy with the shorts and glasses get his arm off you :worried:


Not printing at all I can see