Sun Tea


The best tea is the way you make it. This is how I make the best southern sweet iced tea.

1 gallon glass jar
Add sweetener. I use about 1 1/4 cup regular white sugar
Fill jar with water leaving enough room for the tea bag(s)
Add tea bag(s). We love Lipton. Since I use the gallon size bag I drape the corner over the edge and screw the lid on which keeps the bag from going to the bottom which makes for easy removal.

Set out in nice sunny spot.

Brew time depends on the time of year and how strong you like your tea. We like ours a little strong. Today’s tea took about 3 hours. The key to good tea is patience.

When removing tea bag(s) DO NOT SQUEEZE OR PRESS THE BAG(S). Squeezing the bag(s) makes the finished tea bitter. Boiling tea bags too hard and or too long also makes the tea bitter.


Pour over ice, add lemon if you like and enjoy


fffftttt! Doctors


Sun tea is mother natures gift. Grew up on that stuff.

Oh and being from Texas yes we love our sweet tea. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m not a fan of sweet tea but plain sun tea :+1:


My southern wife thinks I’m insane for preferring unsweetened.


Have to agree with her there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just so I’m understanding this, its just tea thats been heated by the sun? Is there anything else to this?


Being in the south we prefer our tea extra sweet so I put the sugar in then add the water and the tea bag then set it in the sun. If you are strange and don’t want your tea sweet just leave out the sugar.


Honestly, I’m from NY. I’ve never heard of Sun Tea till this thread.

And srry for the late responce. its been…a month.


Maybe it’s a southern thing :grinning: Course we haven’t seen the sun in over a week, just rain and cold. :neutral_face:


We do it here in the Ozarks too. It maybe because so many of us had family migrate here from the deep south.