Support the Constitutional Carry Bill in Louisiana

Contact your friends in Louisiana!

House Bill number 72 is the “Louisiana Constitutional Carry Act of 2020.” H.B. 72 says that you may carry a concealed firearm unless you are a prohibited person under state and federal law. This is commonly called constitutional carry or permitless carry. In short, if it was legal for you to get a permit and carry in public, then the bill allows you to carry in public. If it was illegal for you to carry in public, then it remains illegal for you to carry in public.

Please support this bill. Contact your Louisiana State Representative and Senator- HERE.

That page gives you live links that take you to your your legislator’s web page. Please click on the legislators contact link and send them these messages.

Ask your representative to co-sponsor and support hb-72.

Ask your senator to offer companion legislation to hb-72, and to support constitutional carry.

Call them. Contact them on their web page and e-mail them , and fax their offices.

The usual objection to constitutional carry is that we’ll have more accidents if untrained people carry in public. We have not seen more firearms accidents after constitutional carry when we look at the data. Where we have been able to measure it, we see people take more firearms classes once we remove the minimum state requirements to carry. The state permit acted as a artificial floor for training. Gun owners drive themselves to higher levels of training and competence when that floor was removed. It is past time for us to remove the firearms prohibitions that have their roots in the civil war.

Please contact your legislators today and share this article with your friends in Louisiana.



Thanks for posting this. Good to keep up with what all is going on in the gun world around the country.