Suppressing an AK47..worth it?


My vote is totally! I’ve only shot a handful of suppressed AK47s and was pleasantly surprised by them each! For those of you that have shot one whats your opinion ??

All ak picture thread!

I have to say no. Only because I don’t have one yet. Until then. I will pretend to be like. Pppfffttt. Lame.
But I might think they are cool. But you will never know.


Hhaha I thought the same thing till the wolveeine showed up. Now I’m like aks suck without cans


An article on this in RECOIL (Issue 38, p. 70, “Taming the Beast”) rather put me off of the idea. Another article in AK-47 and Soviet Weapons 2018 (not sure page) made it sound like a good idea, but glossed over the actual sound reduction achieved by a suppressor alone. MAC’s video showed the volume over 140 decibels. :frowning_face: Then, there’s the trouble of dealing with the extra filth, gas in the face, piston pop, faster bolt travel/impact/recoil, reliability questions, subsonic ammo ballistics, paperwork/wait/tax bullshit, cost, bulk/weight, matching threads/adapters, etc. Looks cool, though.


What make/model is that black AK?


Absolutely worth it


Do you recommend any specific mods or gear?


I’m only running the wolverine. I believe dead air recommends the kns adjustable AK piston for a smoother action. I need to get one to try out


Ok, thanks!


It sounds cool, but not for me. Personally, I enjoy the natural AK ambiance. :wink:


Yes. Do it


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That looks front heavy!


Adding a can does make the front heavier but the benefit of sound reduction outweighs the negatives imo


If you get a KNS adjustable piston, yes!
I am going to be loading some photos of what not to do… had an AR come in… in peaces… from running suppressed.