Suppressor Maintenance, down the rabbit hole we go.

Well I’m back at it again so I thought it’d be nice to do a little report on how to do maintenance on suppressor. In this post I’ve taken some pictures and a small video.

Also to give you a little heads-up before this process was done the outer portion of the baffle on the outside of the cone was put in a solvent trap for 2 hours and then a wire brush was used to get off that carbon. This is why I have not shown the outer portion of the baffles to save time.

This journey started off with my suppressor becoming slightly louder over time. I noticed that I will get more pop and debris in the face. Mind you I have shot this can with multiple brands of ammo from high quality through low quality. And then the can’t was starting to get a little heavy, not by much but noticeable.

So let us begin.

below you will see the overall set up. Since I couldn’t get the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the inside of baffles and a wire brush couldn’t fit in there either it require me some improvisation call it a gunsmith MacGyver moment. As you can see there is a drill gun with a barrel bore cleaner the suppressor disassembled and some synthetic EEZOX premium gun care spray. The gun cleaner is good for a full range of stuff from cleaning lubricating and protecting. Combining this with the bristle as I use it to break up the carbon worked on also on a side note you will notice some and heat build-up don’t worry it won’t bring in but this is how you know that it’s getting hot in a carbon about to break loose.

As you can already tell this baffles were filthy.

Below here I have a video for you detailing how I got these little puppies cleaned up. Man they were filthy and the carbon was very thick. Players that were easily removed with lower layers near the baffle steel wall that were cemented on to it.

And I know you’re wondering this post is getting pretty long. The fruits of my labor, mind you that this is a brass brush and a steel brush will be preferable but I didn’t want to mess with the Finish under all that nasty carbon. But I got it down to a acceptable level.

The aftermath this was just a small bit just from one baffle. it added up pretty quiet after that first baffle.

This was one of my more longer formatted post but I hope you enjoyed it and see that if you don’t have all the special tools to get the job done you can improvise with the stuff you have on hand. The brass bore brushes were from an old cleaning kit that will using more. A basic drill gun from Home Depot send time and patience. I will keep you up-to-date on a little project I’m doing and what’s going to happen with the Bulgarian 74 and a nice Polish girl under-folder in the near future. And let’s not forget the two Romanian under-folder that I acquired as well. For the two Romanian Parts kits that turned out really good with all matching of major components when I got them. I’m going to show how to do a paint job that is not meant for fashion but to protect the metal finish. You can find on here are the people that do stencil work and what not for the Gucci stuff.


I have one can that gets cleaned and that time is coming up very soon.

Question for you…

I’d like to put some Kroil in mine and allow it to sit for a day or so. Would the following work? If I put a few rounds through it to get an O2 deficient atmosphere in it, then put in a bunch of Kroil into the HK adapter end, then fire a few more shots to spread the Kroil around. Would I get dieseling? Or would it be just as good to put the Kroil in and just move the can around to sort of get the Kroil moved around?


@BrianK As a say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’m guessing from the fact that you referenced a HK mount. That you are running a sub gun with pistol ammunition. If you want to try to break up all that gunk and buildup inside the three lug mount I would advise that you pick a cleaner such as carbon remover 2000 or another light product. The idea is that when you soak it for a long period time the chemical reaction helps break down the carbon. The longer the better.

Also a ultrasonic cleaner will come in handy. Beer being suspended above the tank and having the barrel dip in. Diesel or ATF fluid is a nice clear as well. Combining the cleaning solution with the ultrasound Claire will help you break up heavy deposit. For the more finer detail to get the smaller stuff you will need to let it sit on it for a few days . Shooting the oil that you have posted through the barrel will only add carmen on top of cleaner. The cleaner will exhort into the new carbon in a little bit of the old harden carbon It’s a slow process depending on the buildup and accessibility. Lastly what type of pistol suppressor are you running? Are you running a monolithic baffle stack or A segmented baffle stacks
Like minds?


Dead Air Ghost-M is the can. I mostly shoot 9mm (PCC) and rimfire through it. It has removable baffle segments similar to what you pictured. I’ve cleaned it once and it was a bear. I don’t mind letting it soak if it’ll be easier. I wound up using a scraper and solvent the last time. It worked but it was very slow.

I wrote the HK adapter end only to differentiate it from the muzzle end of the can since I was squirting Kroil into it. The entire can needs cleaning not only the adapter.

Never heard of carbon remover 2000, I’ll look it up. Thanks.


Great thread :+1:


Indeed. Great info!


I hate cleaning my Gemtech rimfire can, what a PITA…I have been using Loctite anti-seize and put a layer on inside of can and each baffle, it’s smoky for a few rounds but makes cleaning it easier…


This thread and my upcoming maintenance caused me to do some research. I came up with this cleaner. I intend to try it but I won’t use it on any of the aluminum parts. It’s available from many outlets I just post the link to show what it is.

I did consider a wet tumbler with SS pins but that seems like overkill for the price. I might cry “Uncle” after this next cleaning and just spend the $. Time is something in short supply for me. Again, it can’t be used on aluminum parts, just the SS and Ti.



Sorry for late reply got a little busy plus I had to sleep. Here is the company I was talking about and the correct name for it hope we can help you out in your Endeavor. Also do not put aluminum inside Ultrasonic Cleaner trust me that results in a really really bad day


The nice thing about the 'net and digital replies is that they await when one gets back to them. I’ve been known to get busy and require sleep myself one in awhile. I’m looking at the can cleaning as a future project when I get to it, after setting myself up. I’m not doing it tomorrow but when I feel comfortable about having the time to do it.

I found the Slip2000, but also found posts stating that it didn’t work. But that’s the 'net for you. I have some in my Amazon cart as we write. But it prompted me to dig deeper and that’s when I found the CRC product (which I can buy locally).

Yeah, aluminum parts and any mechanical, and many chemical cleaners don’t mix. With my Ghost-M the only aluminum parts are at the very end and they stay pretty clean.


Cleaning a can that doesn’t disassemble?


Ultrasonic cleaners do pretty well on the cans that don’t come apart.


I don’t think mine will fit in my cleaner. Will maybe do one end then flip it over and do the other.