Suppressor pic thread


We definitely need a suppressor pic thread in here so guess I’m 1st.



My Sandman K that is still sadly in NFA jail.


The sandman k is awesome!! Loud but awesome!! I love the short cans


I tested it with 147gr M80 and honestly on that 26" barrel, it sounded GREAT. I was very very impressed with its tone for how compact it is. Looking forward to loading some sub-sonic pills for it once the Crown approves


KG Made Rogue 30 with Discreet Ballistic 300bo


We shot it mostly on my sbr’s . its now living on my 16" until I get an ultra 7


for pistol cal I have the Osprey 45K which has been great too. On my 7.5" AR9 build with 147gr subs its fantastically quiet. Sounds great on the pictured G34 as well. Now to get a 45 to slap it on too…


Love my Silencerco Harvester


@full30nick, the Glock is set up real nice, digging the Boker tomahook as well!


Thanks! Love them both. I’ve been shooting that G34 since before I could drive a car! The Boker was a bit of an intoxicated impulse purchase, but hey, when it showed up I wasn’t mad about it! Holds a great edge for the beating I’ve put it through on camping trips. Not the most comfortable way to chop firewood however…


Rex Silentium Honoris 224
Great 556 suppressor that’s also short


Sexy beast!!


One of the most under rated cans out



Great pics in this thread


What’s a nice collection!


I am still waiting on my Sandman too in NFA jail. The form 1 sbr I am going to run it on the stamp came back to me in less than 4 months. But still waiting 6 months plus now for the Sandman stamp.


Love my Energetic Armament NYX



AAC Mk14

Stoner 63A in rifle configuration with AAC 416SD

M3A1 Grease gun with AWC suppressor.