Survey closed glitch


I thought of doing how many you own but that may be attention better off not attracted,

so, do you own predominately

  • Auto Pistols (sure, full auto inc.)
  • Revolvers
  • Carbine or close quarter rifles >16"
  • Long range rifles<16"
  • Shotguns
  • Air Rifle
  • Equal mix

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Oh good poll!

I’m torn because technically we own more shotguns than any single other type but we’re not really shotgun people. Irony at its best.

I choose mixed since our collection really is mixed.


You’ve got yer greater than and less than symbols crossed for long range vs. carbines.

I’ve got two flintlocks and two percussion rifles as well. Long (42" & 44" bbls) but hardly long range. :wink:


You left out machine guns and destructive devices as options.


Attempting to edit and add NFA items ran into a glitch,

anything else to correct or add for later when I can try again please post