Survival | Prep library

I have noticed that there does not appear to be a thread specifically suggesting books/manuals with relation to prepping/survival. Yet if civilisation goes pear-shaped and the grid goes down, books are more likely to survive, are widely distributed and are the repository of our collective knowledge.

This is not intended as a literature thread per se; although if you want to suggest a work of fiction for the value of its content to surviving a cataclysm, please feel free to state your case for its inclusion (Robinson Crusoe is a rollicking good read, and you could argue that it is inspirational, but is it practical?). Likewise for other categories, such as history or biography.

What book(s) do you suggest we should read and include in our personal libraries? And why? The things that we need to survive, such as medicine, dentistry, navigation, food (growing/cooking) - but also the things that are not necessarily the basics, but which could help to make life a bit easier. These could be books to learn from now, in the good times, or to put aside for a bad time - or both.

One book that I would suggest is Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them, by Rolfe Cobleigh, originally published in 1909. Modern reprints are readily available and some secondhand copies online, from various outlets, for US$1.*

Whilst there are things that this book does not cover (constructing wheels, for example), this book covers most of the physical infrastructure that you would need to establish a farm: house, barn, implements it is pretty much all in there. Much of it is applicable beyond farming, too - for example, methods for cooling/storing food without refrigeration.

There are illustrations throughout, which are clear and with sufficient detail for you to replicate the items, even though precise instructions are not given (the book assumes a level of intelligence, not competence; most readers should be capable of rendering the drawings into functional reality, but to make them look good requires skill).

*The link is to AddAll’s global used book search - they link to individual copies on Amazon, Abe etc. (I listed prices in US Dollars, but you can tailor to your local currency on the search page).