Survival tips


I’ve watched a lot of "serious survivor " videos. He’s got good tips for beginners and up. Share useful survival and outdoors know-how, tools, tips, and ideas.


Don’t forget your meds


Good point. Also, a lot of antibiotics for animals/fish can be used . My Southern belle worked in the veterinary industry and the drug reps told her it’s the same damn product that they make for human consumption, in the same facility just under a different name. much cheaper and no prescription needed. But, very important, Make sure you read up & know what you are doing/ taking & the type of infection you are intending to treat!


The brand we have here is called fishmox
I always clear out the shelf at petsmart


That’s a good one.


Physical items are important but so are skills!
Can you brain tan a hide?
Hard salt meat to preserve it?
Pressure/water bath can?
Reload ammo?
Know how to garden(it is NOT just sticking a seed in the ground!)?
Grind flour/bake bread in a wood fired oven?
Have electrical skills that could get a local grid running at least lighting and maybe a fridge per house?

I could go on and on…

and a skill that produces a trade item would be VERY useful. Like brewing beer!


Indeed, skills/knowhow are the most important to possess. Without the skills and knowledge, all the physical items are worthless


Like this thread, good stuff :+1:


Most people lived simple lives with simple solutions to problems or issues that arose in there lives

I like the fact that they lived such simple and uncomplicated lives
My great grandfather used to give me knowledge like this when I was younger and I never appreciated it till I was older
Simple things like using dried goat scat for a fire starter
It works amazing actually
Like having a fixed blade knife in you everyday
He would scoff at all the folders we carry now adays



When my data gets refilled, I will check that out. :+1: