Swelled cases

Went to my ex wife’s farm today to shoot some
And had a issue with a swelled case (ppu) in a bull barrel 1911
The case swelled after discharging and got caught in the extractor
Needless to say I waited till toniggg to remove it

Easy enough fix with for someone if they take some simple precautions I already knew this was a spent round but always treat it as a live round
Using a vice I used a soft rubber mallet and taped in the back of the barrel bushing lug to free the barrel from the slide then using a brass cleaning rod inserted into the barrel in a vice tapped out the shell
This one was really in there it took 6 or 7 good hits before it came free the moral of the thread is a easy fix that any gun owner should be able to perform
Hot loads like this it happens occasionally and just a bit of a tutorial
I’d be interested in hearing everyone else’s experiences with a common ammo issue


I had a guy come to me with a bad issue.
He was at the range with his 6.8 spc2, and during sighting in the new scope he had installed the bolt would not go into battery on the second shot fired. After both him, and the R.O. Tried to open or close the bolt, but nether one could get it open, or closed. He called me. I told him to separate the upper and lower half’s and be very careful. He brought it to me, and I verified that the lugs on the bolt head where half engaged with the extension.
It looked like this.

Using a bullet trap we attempted to try to open the bolt 300+ pounds of force was not enough and was getting to the point of trying the other solution…

After retrieving the brass I had noticed a (after measuring) chunk of wood that measured .020” smashed into the rear of the case. The piece of wood most likely started out much thicker than that. When asking the owner how that gotten there he had no clue.

People use to say keep your powder dry. Now we should say keep your cartridges clean of debris.

1st rule: A firearm is always loaded.


I have seen a lot… I will go through my photos and post some examples.
Head space issues, bad reloads, over pressure, and stuck steel cases… bullets installed backwards in the case and loaded into the firearm anyway and becoming stuck… holy smokes… lots of crazy mishaps


This was a case of over pressures load
My hope is that less skilled people can read this thread and learn from it
It happens folks more than some people would like to admit with commercial ammo
Be aware and know how to solve the issue


I congratulate you on producing a good tutorial and photos. I think we all need to follow good instruction and safety techniques, especially at a public range, many shooters there need to observe range type rules in action. That maybe the first or only opportunity to learn this. Good job, and thanks for the reminder.



Some of the stuff I get to deal with… hahhahha that first one was a double charge. Nice… hard to see but the rifle cases, one is normal, one is head space issues… like the no go guage went in with the extractor not engaged… hahhahaa why it didnt detonate I do not know. The strength of a Savage? Anyway… be careful.


Oh, middle photo, cartridge on the right was stuck in the chamber of a M&P… bullet was seated in backward. Customer didnt know, loaded it and tried to fire it. Yeah… that was a fun extraction. :expressionless::roll_eyes:


Took a better photo of that stuck case in the Savage…

This was a factory load in a chamber that was WAY out of spec. The no go gauge went in with out the extractor engaging… why it didn’t grenade the case I do not know.