Swords, knives, gadgets.


This is about our favorite vice/addiction, it is a confession section right? This is the wrong place to put it sorry. Well here goes:

I know I need to save up for a new car but I really want a rapier, a Viking sword, and a HANWEI Longsword. If I could afford it, I would love to commission a sword from Man at Arms Reforged. That is a far dream…

The temptation is real to buy a hauberk of riveted stainless chain mail and piecemeal of plate armor, but I can’t. I have three tomahawks. One from Estwing, one from M48, and one from Cold Steel. I have a katana and wakizashi. I really love them and enjoy them and I feel like right now I have to just be satisfied. How much more sword do you need at this stage of your life? Not that much more. At all.

The desire to obsessively collect wood to turn them into bows and arrows, and to try different spools of wire and string to make bowstrings is overwhelming. But I’m just barely resisting right now.


being someone who has collected swords with most being on an average of 200 years old - I know that feeling.
I have a rather large collection of Meiji,Taisho, and Showa period swords and was a researcher for a Jim Dawson book. I also have a crap load of Commonwealth/European Cavalry or Mounted swords and have some Chinese sidearms that were also published


I love swords myself… always have some sort of blade on me… and for back up… in my car, bags, BUG out gear, at the shop… etc.
When SHTF my katana is coming with me. I own 3 katana, 2 Wakizashi, and a traditional tanto. Though my go to knives are usually a SOG of some sort…
I trained for a while, used to cut regularly. I have had enough skill to cut an 11" green bamboo stalk. Or 3 mats with a 1 inch oak dowel in the center. Though I probably could not do that now… I am older and have not really trained at all with a sword in years.
I still love them though and I was messing with one today actually.
I was able to get my son to love them nearly as much as I do… he now has a set himself.


I was just messing with the first long bow I made something like 39 years ago. It is a 40 pounder. Man, I used to make a lot of stuff.


When I was young, I was obsessed with medieval times. My old man bought me a replica Excalibur and a Roman Gladius. Somewhere along the way I picked up another prop sword. While I spend most of my money on guns now, I still want to pick up my own USMC NCO sword, but that’s a good chunk of change.


I still like making stuff


Prepping for the purge day?


I’ve never made a bow, but I’ve made arrows from Home Depot bamboo garden stakes using a blow torch for the heat needed to straighten them. The arrows turned out kind of heavy and with too stiff of a spine for my 45 lb and 60 lb recurve limbs, but it was a fun project!


We need pictures of your self-bow, RogueGunnWorks!


Oh, I will try to remember. It’s at my shop. I made a lot of things over the years. My bow needs a new grip. I had it wrapped in a fake leather… that went away a long time ago. Then i just never got around to it… i do not even have a string. Maybe I will pick one up for Christmas. Hahhahaa


What’s the draw weight? What’s it made out of? Bois d’arc?

I once had a red oak board selfbow I got off ebay that I now regret selling. It had a faux leather grip, too. Had no shelf, so I was able to shoot it both right and left hand.


I made mine out of yew wood. We had a tree in the yard. I sent away for tips, installed them, then had it “tested” at the archery club I belonged to. It is 40 pounds, or was… mine has no shelf, but I only shot it right handed. (Or is it left? :thinking:) hahhaa if I remember correctly, I slightly offset the bow. Used my hand as the rest of course. But in about 3 years my dad picked up a compound bow. Yeah… I never really went back. Hahaha


I’ve mostly been satisfied with letting the experts make my stuff.
Then spend the effort learning how to effectively use them, rather than trying to figure out how to make them myself.
That seemed more rewarding and with definitely better results.


I learned how to make it, use it, make it better…
My dad was special forces and figured I should know.
Because making stuff that is useful can come in handy… like a sled to move over snow. Met water to place on the runners… no water or ability to melt it? Use piss…


I wonder if it will be like Esther, all the bad guys think they’re going to purge us out, with government support, and then suddenly God reverses the situation and it all turns out fine for the good guys.

Here’s a picture of my asymmetrical sinew backed Birch Bow.

I have a really small sinew backed to Juniper but I don’t know where it is right now. Also asymmetrical.

I think it really does matter what kind of wood you use. Or at least you have to get big enough pieces from either large branches or the core of the tree. You can’t force a material to do something that it doesn’t have the ability to do. So you have to get the right material.


I think we can be best friends…