Sylvan arms 9mm magwell adapter.

Converting your standard mil spec AR15 lower to accept 9mm magazines for either Glock, or Colt has never been so easy. If you can tighten a small bolt, you can install this adapter.


I’ve been trying to decide If I need an AR, mostly to be a contrarian.
You know - if they don’t want ya’ to have it, then it’s a must to get one.
But the question was whether to get a .223 or a 9mm.
This adapter solves the problem.
Except for the price.
Fortunately Sylvan has reduced it to $120, down from the original price.
But still gives pause.
How does that compare to 9mm lowers?

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It’s true that many 9mm lowers are about the same price as the adapters. However, then that lower is 9mm only. It’s a horse a piece I guess. A AR9 is a great weapon, very little recoil and really easy to shoot.

The last AR9 lower I bought from New Frontier Armory was $165. It is billet, and included some of the small parts already installed. Absolutely top notch quality.
As already mentioned, it is a dedicated 9mm lower, so no changing over to 5.56.
Since it was designed and manufactured to run Glock mags, you don’t have to worry about any potential conversion issues you may run into with an adapter.
Positives and negatives either direction you choose, but I have never regretted buying the dedicated lower…it has been 100% awesome :sunglasses:

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The only issue I found with this adapter is the mags fit a little tight. But I sand all my Glock mags to make them as smooth as possible for running in competition. They drop right out. Ran perhaps a 1000 rounds through this adapter and other than one of the first 10 rounds giving us an issue, a fail to eject. It’s run smooth with zero failures. Both options have their plus, and minus.

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