@T_R ae we getting old?


but in my case


Hay! I did some dry practice today with my fn fal metric today.

A solid sight picture that comes up nicer than any other rifle ever made.


I feel older than I am.

My FAL shoots great.


Call me young or tacticool all you want, an A4 with the RCO will beat the snot out of any iron sights A1. That underslung does look heavy though.


What exactly is an RCO?


Rifle Combat Optic. It’s the military term for the Trijicon 4x32 ACOG.




From top to bottom: A1,A2,A3,A4!


I havnt seen any nice AR15s with the fsp in along time.


It’s hard to argue a down side to a pinned on gas block with a front sight on it.


I like the looks. I just havnt seen any in a while outside of budget guns. I was actually going to start a thread to get everyones opinion on them.


I’ll take the opposition. If you plan to use any type of optic, I don’t think you need it. Better to cut the weight. I really only see them being useful for an irons only set up. Yes, BUIS are a thing, but I prefer flip-ups with a spare battery over fixed irons.


I like running my rifle just like this. If I decide to get the eotech vudu then I might go back to flip up magpul pros.


Yea, I feel old. Basic/AIT was with the M16A1 and steel pot. First unit was a M16A1 with a lower marked XM16E1 and Gen 1 PAGST kevlar helmet. 22 years later at retirement it’s the MICH helmet and M4A1 with choice of optics, PEQ, rails, etc… Yep, definitely feel old but well worth the wear and tear on the body :slight_smile: