Tactical Shit


Hey Shitheads and Motherfuckers,

Shitheads are fans of our work. Mother fuckers are the rest of you.

Don’t be a motherfucker. Be a shithead.



No wait , wrong meme


Must be a bot or stolen account, can’t figure a genuine celebrity would find us…


So you want to sniff his butt? You might be a literal shithead.


So long as not a liberal shithead, shithead :poop:


How’s it going TJ, long tie to see.


Welcome @Sig_Glockincolt!
Great to have you here, ya fucking asshole!


@Sig_Glockincolt nice to see ya here! Excited to see that boat scream across the water soon!


So you guys saying this is the real deal here?

Our first celebrity?


Didnt MAC and Larry Vickers used to post here when it first started up?


Who are they?


MAC -Military Arms Channel and Larry Vickers is probably one of the top 5 firearms instructors in the world, has a firearms tv show too.


Welcome to the forum. Count me in with the mother bleepers.


Now that is funny bleep


and you beat me to it.


Deserves his own cable channel


Welcome, Sig_Glockincolt.

Strange name. Are you saying you like Sig, Glock, and Colt, or…?


Yea its kind of like the firearms version of being bi-sexual


Wouldn’t he be tri-sexual?