Tactical vs practical shooting and why you need both


I get what you are saying now, I agree then. They dont prioritize their training right. Definitely a mall ninja thing. I was talking about instructors and why that style of training is important. Its all a matter of assembling your tool box to do certain jobs, imo.


I was not geared up in class, there are civilian force on force classes and shoothouses. This is geared towards a civie wanting to learn more and is really just super simplified LE/Mil stuff adapted for use for blow joes.


I really don’t think you have a good understanding of the competitive world if you think competitions won’t prepare you for the CSAT standards.

The CSAT standards are essentially exactly what competition prepares you for. Draw and shoot fast and accurate. These standards are essentially single target classifier stages.


I agree , now that I know the context here.


Imo there both equal in importance
Practical shooting allows you to become comfortable
Tactical teaches you refinements
Cover concealment is great and needed in a sustained gun fight
Tacticool training is useless to a shooter if he has know knowledge of the basics
My philosophy is to listen to instructors and practice what they teach but adapt what there telling you into your own wants and needs
Some training is better than zero training but being able to practice and adapt what they teach you is the real skill


No ,competitive shooting will do all that. It will not teach you the stuff in the courses (the first link). Those are tactics, I posted the standards just to show that some tactical shooters and instructors emphasize accuracy too. Not that comp shooters cannot do it ( They probably even do it better).

Most expert level comp shooters easily exceed most base standards at most courses.


More dangerous than teenage boys? I find that hard to believe.


Jeet kun do is based on adaptation I learned about that subject when I was about 9 years old
As a life long skateboarder it’s easy to adapt
I’ve applied it’s principle through my life in all aspects


Probably learn to take a groin shot too lol


Skateboarding hurts so good though
There’s really nothing like it
I set up a new board the other day


“Tactical” is planning and action with a military objective.

I don’t do that.

“Practical” is actually doing something in practice rather than discussing or planning or theoretical concepts.

I do a LOT of that.


This was my vision as well
You do what you know


Lack of training maybe?


Most civilian gun fights do not last very long. Haahaa


fight was over before the requirement for cover was needed.


Civilian gunfights are usually over so fast that there isn’t time to get to cover.

Like others have said.

That is why I teach speed and accuracy as the most important component of defensive shooting.


I generally refer to all shooting that is not slow fire on a square range as “practical.” But there isn’t much practical about high end IDPA/IPSC/3gun Nation type shooting.

Each of the action shooting organizations where developed with the intent to improve martial firearms skill, each was ruined by over competitiveness, micromanagement and bureaucracy.

I think any experience drawing, shooting, moving while under stress is good experience. I certainly prefer low key local “outlaw” matches.


It’s all good.
Knowing tactics will help keep you alive.
Fast accurate skills will help keep your opponents less so.


This is a very worthwhile watch on this subject


I know one thing after reading through this I need to get in some night practice. I have a handheld light and night sights but I am not getting enough (or any) practice with them. TBH it’s been so long since I did I don’t remember, I know it wasn’t this year. :thinking: