Taking an Anti to the Range – Best Way to Evangelize for the 2nd Amendment

In the article, I go over my experience taking a new shooter to the range and show John Lovel’s experience taking an anti to the range.

I also provide some tips on how to ensure a positive experience for these new shooters. Here are the bullet points, but I recommend rifling through the article so you can have the best shot possible for a good experience with new shooters. (and I’m think I’m out of puns I can work into a single sentence…)

The key to taking new shooters to the range is to give them a good experience. Another lady I’ve met had the exact opposite experience of the two previously mentioned women. This gal was at a friend’s house and they got talking about guns. So this guy pulled out one of his guns to talk about them and show them off. Except this guy was a complete idiot, didn’t handle them safely, and had a negligent discharge inside his home. Not only is that a felony in some states, not only did he almost kill someone, but now this lady has sworn she will never touch a gun and completely shut down all discussion about them when I tried to broach the topic.

Teach the rules of gun safety

Give them a SAFE experience

Be casual and focus on fun

Answer questions in a civil manner

Take new shooters to the range – it works. Taking someone who is on the fence about guns really is the best way to grow the 2nd Amendment community.


Done it many times. I just hate it when people hand a new shooter a gun that’s way to big.


Or way too small. Pocket guns aren’t easy to shoot. And, my favorite, “My wife needs (insert tiny gun) because woman.” I hate that. It’s stacking the deck against them because, somehow, the myth is “small = easy to shoot.” Don’t hand them a .500 S&W because you think it’s funny; but, don’t hand them a Beretta Nano, either. Both will be doing them a disservice in the long run.

“Oh, you brought an LCP and zero experience? Let’s try this Glock 19, first.”

Just how we do it, anyway. I have yet to have a negative outcome with that approach.


To help sway an anti gunner at the range, maybe it would really help to get them “fully” involved. Start out easy, let them hold your targets for you…down range…


Very very very good point. I’m going to edit my article and include that.


Happy to help, brother. :+1::+1:




And this:


Are what I use when getting new shooters to start out. 9mm is too much for a brand new shooter, especially the young and timid. In my opinion. Great point about the small pocket / subcompact pistols though, cannot be emphasized enough that these require skill and experience to operate safely and accurately.


Start with small guns and work your way up. .22lr firearms are absolutely perfect for new shooters. Don’t give new shooters guns bigger than they can handle.
But in an opposite, but similar, manner – don’t give new shooters too small of a gun. Those tiny pocket carry .380s are excellent at concealment – but they are an absolute pain to shoot. And by “pain” – I mean it causes literal pain for your hand, especially if you have a bad grip, which new shooters will have. Start out new shooters with a gun that is comfortable and easy to shoot.



You’re right. .22 is a great place to start for a brand new shooter. I often neglect to think of that as my students usually show up with their own firearm (We mostly do defensive training classes). And, it’s usually something ridiculous.

“My husband said I could ONLY handle a J-frame” kind of thing, most of the time.

But, I agree 100%. Rimfire is always the best starting point for a new shooter.


With no experience, I start out with a .38 special revolver. Much safer. Had a lady and her husband bring their own gun once. I assumed they both had shot it beforehand. He had, she hadn’t. She started to fumble with the grip and before I was able to stop her, she pulled the trigger.





On the plus side, it only made her try harder.


I watched that video last night. She had a great time and learned guns aren’t as scary as we are told by media.


Her smile was amazing.

And I loved her reaction when she realized she had just shot an AR-15. I saw the gears working when she realized the AR-15 isn’t the super scary murder machine she thought it was.


Epic right there.


I’ve dated two anti-gun girls and I was able to change their opinions by taking them to the range. One girl was completely converted to the pro-gun camp and purchased her first handgun a few months later. The other girl remained mostly anti-gun, but she accepted my hobby and was no longer afraid of guns. People can change with a little patience, knowledge, and experience. Other female shooters at the range were very helpful, too. Girl power! :muscle:


.22 conversions for full-size handguns are a good option for starting people out. Start them off with .22, then after they have learned safety, accuracy, and gotten used to the controls, you can switch them to the more powerful caliber without having to teach them to deal with a different grip or controls. The same is true for the drop in .22 conversions on the AR-15.

For some, revolvers are less intimidating, because they are simple. Something with a barrel in the four to six inch range, to find a balance on weight and sight radius. I wanted to get a Colt Diamondback in .22, before the prices shot up, as that would make a nice set with my King Cobra, but I didn’t quite have enough money when I looked for one while the prices were still low. Start a new shooter on the Diamondback, then switch them to the King Cobra with .38 Special loads, when they are ready for something more than a .22 but with the same controls and similar grip.


I dated a full on lib-tard. We’re talking “feel the Bern” and all. Now, she’s all McCarthyism and capitalist. Owns guns and everything. To illustrate, she is on this forum. @TacticoolSasquatch1776 Lol. I still call her a hippie.


While I’m offended and triggered by your name calling and need a safe space to go cry it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , you’re not wrong. Thanks for presenting me with FACTS and encouraging me to really research my worldview! Your :peace_symbol:Recovered Hippie :fairy:appreciates you! …just don’t take away my :avocado:s!