Talk about a busy day

Well, first, late last night I got an Email from Springfield armory, yes, that one. They wanted to talk to me about a project. So I gave them my phone number and they called back. We talked a good half hour. Long story short, we are now partnered with them. They will be sending us a M1A in 6.5 Creedmore and a 1911 to try out. We will also be working with them on their new project, which I’m not going to go in to detail about yet.

It should come as no surprise that my team is a bit excited about this. One team member said he’s closing on a new house on Monday, and we will be setting up a 100 yard range for firearms testing.

I sent an Email to Full30 because I really need to get a blog set up here, I have no interest in using another blog site.

I conversed with the owner of an indoor range that’s about 10 minutes away from me and will be meeting him in person tomorrow to discuss an agreement to get us range time for testing.

Been talking with the owner of Ransom rests about some small changes to the rest they sent that might be useful to them while will make moving the stand with a single person possible.

I still have some paperwork to fill out, which I will do later tonight. But right now, I need a nap.


Congrats, Looking forward to your story and test.


Sounds like great things are happening.
I’m glad I got my t-shirt before you went big time and raise the price. :dollar:


Did they happen to mention what kind of 1911 they were going to send
I’m inquiring because Springfield has a few differences from some standard guns


That’s funny, I actually want to lower the prices, but the base price keeps it from getting much lower. Many of them I have set well below what the recommend. Heck one I dropped about $12


They didn’t mention. I guess it keeps things as a surprise.