Taurus M66

Yah or Nah

My experience with wheel guns tend to lean towards old iron (75 to century old) and this includes both Colts, Swiss Ordinance, Webley, Enfield and S&Ws (chasing 1918 S&W 455 as I type).
Even though I have no requirement to justify the price, the more modern snake guns are out of reach and than I noticed Taurus M66
If you squint just right it could be mistaken for a S&W 686 and as a new gun doesn’t have a Hillary Hole. And it is half the price plus sports a one extra round.
Hence the dilemma.


The only Taurus we repeatedly had to send back to be repaired was the judge. The 66 is a dependable revolver. Is it a Colt or S&W no but not a bad gun. Look at the Kimber 357’s or Ruger’s too.


call me fuddy but the kimbers just don’t strike that cord in me, not saying they are ugly but… for money they want I could get a snake gun. And the rugers seem plain when placed against the S&W


I have a 4 inch 66 and it’s a good revolver, I shoot some pretty stout handloads and so far no issues.


I’ve got a stainless 4” 66 as well, the old model (6 rounds) made around ‘82 back when S&W owned a huge share of Taurus. I’ve ripped mine apart and detail cleaned it and to be honest, It’s almost an exact S&W clone.

If you get the one of the older ones, I really think that it’s the best revolver deal for the buck that you can find out there.