Taurus Pt 92 af issues

I have a PT92 AF that after every other shot fails to completely go into battery. It almost completely goes back into battery and is extremely difficult to clear almost impossible. Anyone have any ideas why a new pistol would do this…

Without trashing your purchase aka current equipment, Taurus isn’t exactly a well regarded brand. I suggest ditching it altogether.

Get a Jericho 941 F9 and never look back. You won’t regret it.

Upgrade with Meprolight, Tru-Dot sights and a Hogue finger grooved grip. Mec-Gar CZ75B 19-round mags are compatible and work like a charm. Add a Surefire X300-A Ultra and you’re good to go.

Blade-Tech can mold you a holster w/ tek-lok specific to that setup. I suggest getting a High Spead Gear Triple Pistol Taco Belt Mount, 215 Gear Ultimate COBRA Riggers Belt w/ High Speed Gear Slim-Grip Padded Belt (Slotted) as well.

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Yah i know they suck its my wifes i have a M9. Probably going to trade it in she wants a m&p or a HK. Was just going to see if we could fix it for her yah know

Don’t bother fixing a bad gun, it’s not worth it. I’d avoid the M&P, it’s garbage. Get her a P30/P30L V1 and/or have Bruce Gray work the trigger. You can also get her a PPQ. I gave Mr Torque a quick tip for that matter in this thread: Concealed carry for wifey


Was thinking a vp9. Why you not like m&p mine is great never a problem…

Walther PPQ M2. I agree with Minuteman. The M&P Trigger is rough, and polymer they use is cheap in my opinion.

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Walther PPQ M2 is a nice one for sure…

Go for a PPQ as mentioned earlier instead and forget the VP9. Smith & Wesson isn’t exactly a quality brand, glad to hear your’s isn’t a lemon.

What I specifically dislike about the M&P:

  1. No matter what people say, a steel/alloy DA/SA pistol will always be more durable and superior vs a polymer SF pistol. This relates to materials used and the fact that you’ll always have second strike capability with a DA/SA hand gun as opposed to a SF hand gun. A dead trigger with the latter is a dead trigger and you’re out of action, period. I dislike it’s tiny, Glock like controls. I prefer my guns the way I prefer my women: fleshy and something to hold on to. I don’t like small little buttons on a gun, I like well designed and positioned levers. It’s all raw motor skills in any gun fight.

  2. M&P is known to be notoriously inaccurate (maybe yours is fine)

  3. It needs a tool for disassembly. (WT…?)

  4. The trigger in any hand gun needs to be good to go from the factory.

I respect S&W as a traditional American household name though. Their revolvers are second to none, their pistols are in a whle other ball park though. Flip side to the coin is that S&W will take care of you if you run in to any problems with their products. Which is a major plus since most manufacturers went belly up in the CS department long ago.

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Then I suggest you both get one. The PPQ is actually one of the very few -if not the only- polymer SF pistol I’d consider considering. That thing is reliable and a work horse. Your M9 is a fine piece as well. The quality of the Beretta 92 is superb.

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Indeed my M9 is still my favorite piece in my collection never once failed me. Referring to your last post my wifes favorite in her collection is her S&w model 327 TRR8 PERFORMANCE CENTER REVOLVER that was discontinued and replace with the inferior R8. Fantastic revolver…

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