Taurus Tx22 a reliable suppressor host?

A closer look at Taurus latest little rimfire suppressor host the Tx22


Great video!
Have you done any DB testing to see how it compares with other hosts out there? For ultimate reduction on the pistol platform I found the Ruger MK(1,2,3,4) platform is the quietest pistol I’ve metered. I’d be curious how this stacks up.


We have not yet. But by ear it sounds more like the m&p compact22. The quietest metering 22 we have tested so far his been my 1st gen walther p22. Once we get some more rimfire host gathered together we want to meter them all same day with multiple host to see what host helps give us the ultimate quietness!

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I almost forgot about the P22, You’re right they are right along side with the Ruger MK series. I just never bought one because of their slide failure issues.


I hadn’t heard about slide failures. I have the old style and Joey has the new. I’ve got thousands through mine so far. Joeys new we only have a few 100 so far. I know once they get nasty they can have issues cycling were the m&p22c gets nasty and keeps eating. I have not cleaned the tx22 yet and have right around 1k through it with no issues as of yet. Hoping to see how long it will run before it stops