Tavor X95


Today at Tactical reviews, we got this Tavor X95 in for review. I requested the new Tavor 7, which isn’t on the market yet. So in the mean time they sent me this X95 to play with. Hope to hit the range with it this coming weekend.

I like the bullpup design, however, far too many are modified for the bullpup. That never seems to work out real well. Sloppy linkages, poor location of controls, such as safety, mag release, bolt catch release. This however was built as a bullpup. The mag release is right above the trigger, bolt catch release is under and behind the magazine, safety is right where it should be. The trigger is solid, no slop, the weapon is built very solid and a bit weighty, but not like a lead brick. The length is a hair over 26" plus an inch for the muzzle brake. Built in flip up sights that sit inside the weaver rail. From what I can see, it can be converted from right hand to left hand with ease.


Quick question for you about this review. How does ( tavor X95) stack up against the (original) tavor SAR?


Is the grip area longer than a regular Tavor? It looks longer on the front end.


I’ve not shot the SAR, but looking at it online, it looks like the controls are better placed on the X95. The bolt catch release is in the same place, but the mag release is better located on the X95, closer to where a AR15 would be. The charging handle is further back on the X95. There’s also a slight difference in the grip angle. The X95 is the newest version of that design.


The over all length of the weapon should be the same, or very close. The X95 has the grip and trigger set a little further back than on the SAR.


I love bullpups. I’m looking forward to seeing the review, if it’s positive I may have to get one for myself when they come out.


The X95 is available right now. It’s the Tavor 7 that isn’t