Teaching kids about guns

What do you remember about learning to shoot as a kid?


My first memories being around any firearm was watching my father at the kitchen table reloading rounds, cleaning and/or doing maintenance on his rifles while he drank his coffee and smoked his cigarettes just before he headed out for work almost every morning.

He’d always lecture me about guns while I was trying to eat my breakfast.

Yup, those are my earliest memories of being around any firearms as a youngster.

I believe I was somewhere around 4 or 5 years old at that time.

My father was really big into trap and waterfowl back in the day.

I learned so much from him regarding firearms and that was well before I started attending school.

My first rifle was a .Remington semi-auto 22 at 6 years old, then my Marlin 30-30 at 8.

Both given to me by my father.

First shotgun was a Sears Roebuck single shot 20 gauge given to my grandfather, my dad’s dad.

All good memories!

I agree with you regarding understanding the maturity level of the child first before introducing any kind of firearm.

Start them off small as well would be my recommendation too.

That’s what I did for my kids and you can see much of that in the following thread;

Recruiting new people to the sport of shooting & gun ownership

Good stuff :+1:

Keep up the good work man!


You had some cool guns. I’ve got a lot of memories hunting and shooting with my dad also.


Memories like those are what more kids need instead of making memories playing videogames.


If we don’t teach them, someone else will.


There are good programs for kids out there. As far as basic safety around guns the Eddie Eagle program is great, it even holds the attention of 2 year olds. NSSF has one for older kids and parents, both are free downloads. I recommend all parents who have a gun in the home to talk about it with their kids…


Great vid @BoomstickTactical!You Told Me You Still Have Your Red Ryder, Good Ole Days When They Were 20 Pounds & Still Made Of wood lol I think they are mostly plastic now😭


Appleseed shoots are the perfect intro to shooting for kids.