Television Series Thread


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What TV series have you bing watched?

Netflix has done an incredible job of making shows, I just finished the current season of Goliath

Super Creepy.


We came in very late to The Serpranos a few years ago. Caught up in a few weeks.
Same with Dexter & Breaking Bad.
Tonight the new season of Better Call Saul starts.


good to hear, I should be able to watch it tomorrow then :sunglasses:


Vikings, The Americans, Man in the High Castle, and the Expanse. All fantastic.


Really liked that one


My five favorites.

I also like,


+1 on the Americans. Was sorry to see that end.
The first couple seasons of Homeland were good but I think it’s going downhill now.


Some recommendations I haven’t seen yet, cool

of course my wife largely picks the TV shows :roll_eyes:


Go back some decades and I was glued to the TV for these.

Then of course,


Late night back then would typically consist of,

Then of course, the early years of


Not yet mentioned

This names a past and a future


drum roll :drum:


I intend on checking out that ‘Mayans MC’ show. Looks like it might be pretty good.


Hell on Wheels
Dark Matter
El Chapo
The Ranch
Schitt’s Creek

To name a few. I’ll post more


Hell on Wheels


Just watched the first episode of


Good stuff :+1:


I wanted to see this.


It’s on our watchlist. :smiley:


On my 3rd episode…impressive stuff :+1:


We just binge watched the full season in two days.
Better than expected. Who’d of thought Jim Halpert would go from Dunder-Mifflin to the CIA?


We did another 2 last night after this post