Television Series Thread


Most of our tv is either home improvement shows (the better half’s picks)
Or car shows like Chasing Classic Cars, Count Customs, Fantom works, Jay Leno’s Garage and such.
Most tv shows seem too unrealistic and even border line silly.
We usually try new ones, but generally lose interest quickly.
Not always, though.
There are some good ones out there, like Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.
A few years back, the syfy channel had quite a few very good shows,
But they seem to have disappeared.


I assume this is only viewable in 1 place?


Amazon Prime


Hmmmm, I might have to sign up for that. I’ve spent like 3 Grand there in the past year but never paid for Prime because I always got free shipping. Isn’t it only like a hundred bucks a year for prime?


The better half joined Amazon Prime a few years ago when it was $100 per year.
It’s more than that now, though.
They also offer a monthly version for $13 per month.


pretty much any more for the time I have for television, I have some of the high definition antennas that I get about 30 plus channels more clear than through the cable boxes. and with my PlayStation 4, I have Tubi TV, Crackle and some other free movie setups. all can be streamed through my big screen TV for$0. leaves more cash for guns and ammo LOL


I have internet, an antenna, 3 firesticks, prime and netflix, its not to bad overall



Just discoverd this…lots of known actors



Lol that guy is a great actor.


One of my favorite shows


Im going to start watching this one more



Jericho is one of my favorites too.


Texas Rising was fantastic. Highly recommend it.

We are watching Bosch on Amazon right now. Good show!


:+1: I put the Jack Ryan on hold watching it :sunglasses: