Television Series Thread


I gave up on everything published by Electronic Arts for past douchery

good for you on the rest


Many of the shows mentioned are oldies.
For those who like oldies, check out the youtube choices of early tv shows.
Like the tv version of the Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
Or the old Jack Benny shows.
Still very funny stuff.
Lots of the early 1950 Westerns, too.
Many of these old shows hold up very well, even (or in spite of) today’s culture.


My wife and I enjoyed that. Just wish there were more episodes.


That is a good show.


EA is one of the top 3 worst offenders. I’ve boycotted them, they are absolute trash.


One of my favorites from the late 80s.




Joss Whedon is a real lefty cu*t but I love this show/movie. Its basically " The Outlaw Josey Wales" meets “Star Wars” (the Han Solo parts)


Looking forward to The Highwaymen in March.


A must watch