Temperature impedance powder?


Does anybody have any first-hand experience with this ammo. I know nothing about it, i was gifted a few boxes and haven’t tried it yet. Seems like it would be a good thing to keep around if you’re hunting in extreme temperatures.


I don’t have it, but it sounds like a good thing to have.

And, how do you like the .300 Blackout? Living up to expectations? Recommend to others?


@JohnB, I like the round quite a bit! but as we all know what one person likes the next person hates! would i recommend it? highly it’s a very versatile caliber you can hunt with it you can protect your home with it decent power and very accurate from my weapons.


Do you have any thoughts on the Ruger Mini 14 in .300 Blackout?


@JohnB, I wish I could answer your question more specifically. I have no first-hand knowledge with the mini in 300 black. I can tell you that the mini in other calibers is a fine weapon! the 300 Blackout round in my opinion would be an excellent choice for the mini!
Hope that helps a little bit.


yes, it does, thank you.

I had the Mini 30 a while back. I liked it, but never pushed it to its limits like some people have.

One problem I have with the Ruger Mini 14 in .300 Blackout is that it is not stainless steel (which is one of the reasons I had bought the Mini 30). Hoping they will make one in stainless. Hickok45 did a video on it a while back - looked like a lot of fun to shoot.


So, Robert…

You dare leave ammo (or even guns), out in your garage for an extended period of time?

Not me!



Florida has 2 seasons: the rainy season (aka the hurricane season); and the dry season (sort of like a winter, but without the freezing cold).

So, nothing like most of the United States. Really though, it does not get super hot, but it combines heat with humidity and feels hot.


@Everyone, isn’t there a Australian member here on FULL30 maybe he’ll chime in?


there was one, AussieOutdoor (or something like that). You can find him on one of the .22 lr threads.