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Not related to this site but a simple, Zillow style site, and the future?

> CoStar may use the Passcode and, if required by CoStar, facial recognition authentication as the means to authenticate your identity when you access and use the Passcode Protected Product. As part of the facial recognition authentication, you must register your internet-capable, camera-ready mobile device with CoStar, which requires you to permit CoStar to take an initial photograph of your face through your device’s camera. Thereafter, each time you access the Passcode Protected Product, you agree to permit CoStar to take a photograph of your face through your device’s camera for CoStar to authenticate.

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Not even close.


Robert, Mister_Torgue:

I agree with Mister_Torgue. There is no way I would agree to the CoStar approach. We have enough invasion into our privacy as is (and even without CoStar, it is getting worse).

There are plenty of other ways to authenticate a user.


My photograph would be my hand with middle finger rigidly extended. I would be glad to repeat that as many times as necessary…
Just kidding, of course - I don’t have a web cam and wouldn’t with the capabilities already demonstrated of being able to turn the camera on remotely.


Hmm, you could be right - for most of my wasted life the phone was attached to the wall with a cord, and if you wanted to talk to someone without a phone, you used a CB radio…