Testing, failures, fun, and full auto...


So we do a lot of stuff at the shop. Build weird stuff, fix stuff, do Cerakote.
Life at the shop can be a lot of fun.

We sell 406 Steel Targets.
What better way to test them? :grin:



This company said that the gas block failed because of Cerakote… it also bent the piston rod… and I can say, they have really crappy customer service, or lack there of.


Wow, what did cause it? Crappy gas block? Too much pressure?


The gas block looks cast. If it is they should have had a thicker profile?, or just made a good 4150 steel forging in my opinion.


They are extremely hard… I think it is an embrittlement issue. We could not make it run on a 7.5 inch barrel machine gun. Bent 3 piston rods.
The Adam’s Arms piston drive system runs great on the same weapon. Zero issues. Testing… there you go.


We are going to run the Sig 556R and see how it works. We are also going to go trash the Robinson Armament we picked up. See how that works as well.


This came in today…

Select fire Beretta B59 I am not so sure on that stock…


We will have a chance to play with it I am sure… soon…


We plan to do some more fun stuff Sunday




Hahahhahaha so we are in development of a new super deadly assault weapon. We call it the bone blaster. Close range full semi auto with a MASSIVE kill range.

You can tell my the massive clip that this should be illegal before it is even made.
Last we calculated, this will shoot 30,000 bullets a second per bullet… with a 106.8% kill zone.
Designed for the elimination of hippies, losers, and tweakers in a 3 state radius.


scary, dreadful to think someone would fire that


Hahahhahahahahahahhaa I was thinking about it! :grin::crazy_face::boom:


Customer’s hand loads… well, that was expensive