Texas Bill Would Include Death Penalty For Abortion



House Bill 896 would criminalize abortion and classify it as a homicide.


This is good news


Good news


Two deaths instead of one? I guess that is good news. Too many humans already. :wink:


Time for Liberals to start packing their bags for once and leaving the state.


So, you don’t think somebody can be pro-choice AND pro-2nd amendment, a staunch Adam Smith approving economist, fierce capitalist, Republican and feel NO government intervention in personal decisions is a good policy?

Even Christ said: “It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” (Mat 26:24)

Oh well. The well off can always take that “European vacation” and the poor will just get more support for larger families. Any farmer will tell you the problem with that breeding philosophy.


I was on the fence on abortion for many years. But the way I look at it is this.
A woman has MANY choices. She has a choice to get on any numerous forms of birch control…, pills, shots, vaginal ring, implants, patch, diaphram, cervical cap, IUD.
She also has a choice to be abstinent. She can even choose to have her tubes tied.
She has a choice on choosing to have sex with a man she wants to be with and/or marry.
She has a choice that when she does decide to have sex to use a condom (yet another form of birth control)
She has a choice to take the morning-after pill (after sex)
And she has a choice that if she gets pregant on deciding how she will improve her life in preparation for taking care of and raising the child that she created.
Once pregnant, however, there are two other people that are now involved. The father and the baby.
Abortion is not about HER body anymore. Abortion is not chopping up into pieces HER body and sucking it out a tube. Abortion is not sticking forceps into HER and ripping her limbs off. Abortion is not jamming scissors into HER skull.
This is not happening to HER body. She is given pain meds and goes home. The choices she had for HER body would have prevented the need for an abortion. So I don’t agree with her becoming PRO-CHOICE after all other choices were ignored and the death of the fetus/baby is the only choice she decided to make.
But that’s just my opinion.


You encapsulated 100% my opinion and stance on the subject.


Aside from abstinence or hysterectomy - should she be able to defend herself successfully - no birth control methods are 100% effective. And certain birth defects may be detectable and avoidable. Girls can become pregnant at 13 or 14. Not the best age to be making life altering decisions when the hormones are raging. If she carries the child becomes a ward to society because the mother - probably single because Bubba hightailed it - is now burdened with the first of possibly many children. It’s a spiral. You need to have a license to fish, hunt, drive . . . but any two idiots can breed.

I disagree about “fetal rights”. A fetus is a parasite to the mother that cannot live on it’s own. It’s not a “life” until it is disconnected from the placenta and draws breath. We have different views. Give the father his half back if he wants it afterwards.

How about a child tax? You want a child? Fine, it will increase your taxes (rather than lower them). That would help incentivize a little more care.

Population worries me more than climate change, depletion of drinkable fresh water or fossil fuels running out. Earth’s population has doubled in the last 45 years. The world will force hard decisions soon enough. Don’t force your views on others. If you don’t want an abortion - by all means don’t have one.


100%. And it should multiply upon each individial birth event. :+1:

True, I too think population is the biggest threat to humanity. However, killing a life much less because of convenience is a bad moral decision whether or not you’re religious and should be condemned by everyone. It should not be accepted to kill a child. If these people want an abortion so bad let them do it themself. There you go, there is your choice so have at it. Just be accepting of the consequences.

Yes. This works both ways. :cowboy_hat_face: That’s part of the problem today, people are too busy trying to shut down dissenting opinions because it doesn’t align with theirs.


I suppose that view can help protect our ammo from the gun grabbers if we just say its not ammo until the primer is struck, powder is burnt and its exited the barrel?


and to enforce further not just a life, but nations

and even before the womb


Having an abortion is a very big life altering decision. At this age, under her parent’s care, she should be put on birth control if the parents suspect she is promiscuous.

If this child is the one of many children, then would her abortion be the one of many as well?

Wow. You know my cats and dogs are prone to parasites too, but they get monthly pills to prevent it. It’s the responsible thing to do as a pet owner.

Would this child tax be paid by the 13 or 14 year old girl who doesn’t pay taxes? Would this tax be higher than the cost of raising a child? Because if the cost of raising a child isn’t enough of a deterant, I don’t see how effective the threat of a tax would be. And if the child/children are a burden on society with a mother who is on welfare and doesn’t pay taxes, then this tax would only effect people who are responsible hard working parents.

A tubal ligation is not a hysterectomy.
And condoms can be used in conjuntion with any other form of birth control.
And if she wants to get rid of the baby, how about adoption? This way she has not killed anything and the baby is adopted by someone who can not have children. And the baby and mother are not a burden on society or ward of the state.

I didn’t. I have three children. Husband and I worked low wage jobs, never much money as young parents. I later became a single mother.
Eventually my experience and employment grew, and neither me nor my children were ever on any form of government assistance nor food stamps. All three of my children are were taught to be positive contributors to society. They all three worked from the age of 15 and all three paid their OWN way through college. No government grants or loans. And none of them do drugs, drink, steal, kill, or have ever been arrested.
Just because you get pregnant at a young age does not mean it’s the end of the world. And sometimes, having a child at a young age makes you think about someone besides yourself and gives you strength, determination and the motivation to do better and be more responsible.


Exactly. Ru-486 (“Mifepristone”) should be as easy to get at a drug store as vermicide is at the pet store. Some people should not have children, and everyone should have the choice. So easy to correct in the first 50 days.