Texas Gun Control & Blue Wave - The Numbers

Worked hard on the data for this video. Living in Texas, I get tired of those not in Texas spilling the gloom and doom talk about what is to come with no mention of actual historical data. Some of you may agree, some may disagree and most of you will probably talk crap without watching a 25 minute video, but hey, it had to be done and someone had to do it, right? LOVE YA FULL30


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That was a good video. The only thing I disagree on is the point that Dems and republicans were perceived as equals in gun control.

Dems have ran on gun control much more. You’re right that both have passed gun control and republicans on the federal level usually pass the worst ones but they don’t run on it. They do it out of pure political pressure from the left. Almost like giving a dog a bone.


so you say “federal” and the point of this video is “state” because we are talking 27 state gun bills here. and while i do agree that dems talk a much bigger gun control game publicly while republicans tend to do it back door… what have dems actually done as compared to the Rs? see this is an issue i have, like a guy just commented a few minutes ago how Beto was the biggest gun grabbing liberal out there… but, yet he has been a part of passing absolutely zero gun control, just paid lip service. sorta like trump said our assault on the second amendment was over… but yet, bumpstocks. again, lip service. we believed trump and he let us down, who is to say that dems will believe Beto and ultimately he would let them down to? then take Obama, had the opportunity to cram whatever gun control he wanted through and yet did not. i get what you are saying, totally do and knew when i made this that there would be a spectrum of disagreement. my attitude is that we should heed warnings, sure, but those dogs that bark the loudest, seldom bite nearly as hard if you know what i mean.


Obama was actually not opposed to owning firearms. He wanted a national registry that would have surely led to it but he never advocated for a ban, buyback, or confiscation.

And yes Trump let us down on the bump stock. I believe he thought a lot of people would be okay with it and a lot were, including the NRA. Reagan passed the bill that allowed for Trump to do that as well.

I see your point but I am almost :100: certain that if Dems got the house, senate, and presidency they will pass gun control that would make all that look like child’s play.


i don’t disagree with you, at least not that much, generally speaking, typically speaking, which i think we have to be very careful about doing, dems are way more gun grabby than repuublicans. i do think republicans are totally alright with it so long as the dems do it and they can by lip service by blaming them… not like they have EVER worked to reverse much, at least federally. more to my point of the video is again, state level stuff. there are politicians here in texas that talk a good game on gun control and are democrats, but in private they will tell you they have to do that to have a chance to win in said district, if you actually take the time to look at voting records, etc, which 99% of people never do, they vote with republicans on most things. i don’t know about other states for sure but feel there has to be some dems that are the same way.