TH9 by Taurus an Affordable Surprise


not quite sure I would compare it to a PPQ other than the Goodies - and if you are going to compare it how is it compared to a PPQ trigger? Noticed it has a slide mounted safety.something else that should have been explored. And if you go main stream - expect the safety sally comments - the disclaimer before removing the slide that the pistol safety checked prior to the removal of the slide, etc.


This was one of my first videos, I appreciate the tips!


your presentations are improving - the only thing I say is create a simple story board board almost along the lines of M of I presentation (method of instruction).
if doing a pistol break down / stripping always follow the sequence, unload, remove the mag, prove empty and than strip. Plus also do the verbal disclaimer that it is empty and so on.
Not sure if it was staged but there was a “presenter” during his talk and disclaimer and upon pulling the slide back ejected a round. Remember you are presenting to all aspects of the shooting community but you have to gear it towards the lowest denominator.


Yeah since my wife and I do the filming we are OCD about keeping the weapons safe. I will start verbalizing those things for the community.

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