Thank god and wasn't aware


just went to have my eyes checked and noticed this disease discription on a poster

Thank god I don’t suffer from either and not sure if corrective lens would help.


Eye doctor told me that I show early signs of glaucoma and I do have astigmatism in my left eye, however I have perfect hearing. Imagine that!

Unfortunately, I see no cure to my problem anytime soon and perhaps this site isn’t helping me any. :laughing:


Well Glockoma can be cured by purchasing a real gun like a 1911 but sigmatism is not curable.


Is that you in a bath of 10mm?


I guess capacity does matter ,maybe you should switch over to .380 so you can fill the tub?


I was talking about it being cheaper, hence you can fill your tub. Lack of funds is the only logical reason not have more ammo…ST is retarded, btw.