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I’m a Navy Veteran. I served aboard The USS Juneau LPD-10. I went into the navy as an E1, and finished my tour as a Petty Officer Third Class, BT3.
I enjoyed my time in the navy and luckily my ship was always underway. I crossed the International date line twice and, gladly got initiated as a Shell Back.


Welcome to Full30 @Augustus and thank you for your service. Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome @Augustus
Glad to have you here! Thank you For your service!!!


Welcome to the Forum, Augustus.

Thank you for your service!


Welcome sir, and thank you for you service.


Welcome to full30. Drop anchor and have a look around. (See what i did there?hahaha)


Welcome and Thank you for your service.


Yes, LOL!


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Welcome to full30 and such!


Thank you all for the kind words. Happy to help out, and I will contribute as best I can. Seems like a great place to hang out at. CHEERS!


Welcome To Full30…