Thank you for incredible products Bill!


Your products are incredible and I love how you are constantly pushing innovation. I am also very proud that not only are your products proudly made in the US of A that they are also made in my home state of Pennsylvania!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your new products… I would love to have an HK 91/93 series trigger that was supertuned bye you for maybe a possible future direction.

Jereme Kroh
Firearms,Fuel & Fabrication


Geissele is a an awesome company. I’ve started using their triggers and now won’t even consider another. Their new line of lubrication is also top notch. Just recently finish a MK12 clone build and decided to use only their Go Juice lubricants and can definitely feel the difference. So far the rifle has less than 50 rounds through it and the action truly feels butter smooth.


I am also very Impressed with their lubes… but I am the kind of person that will try everything once but the go juice and 0000 grease has been way more than satisfactory. And on my suppressed weapons it has helped speed cleanup as its still wet and has the carbon wet when its time to do the deed.