Thank you for this Forum


I’m looking forward to being a participating member of the forum. I have enjoyed firearms since I was a teen. Now, at 62, I am still excited and interested in Firearms and, The Right To Keep and Bare Arms. Thank you.


Welcome to the forum! We’re happy to have ya here.


You came to the right place, we all get a little excited from time to time.


Hi Agustus,
Welcome to the forum.
And at 63 myself I can also welcome you to the Geezer club.

(Augustus is a great name for a forum member. Feel free to Rome around.)


I see what you did there.


Thanks for the Tribute :smile:




I am in my early 60’s, too. We’ve got a few others here in the same age range.

Never too old to enjoy firearms. I still do, even after more than 50 years of being involved with them.




Welcome to full30!


Welcome! Glad you joined us here!


LOL, thank you very much. I think I have found a new forum to keep me busy in my Shooting skills and, my appreciation of The Second Amendment! GOD BLESS America and especially OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who were smart enough and vigilant enough to establish and write our Constitution. No other country has anything over us. By GOD we are free men and women. We have rights, and we need to preserve the rights that so many died when the British decided to mess with us. GOD BLESS AMERICA. And one more thing— I stand when the National Anthem is being sung.