Thank you YouTube


Well at least I have this place to watch decent videos. Too bad they killed it for my channel. I was just getting started. At least I’m not out anything as I was working entirely out of pocket as it was…


Explain? twenty chara


Youtube has killed monetization on gun channels as well as many others.therefore small channels like mine are going to be difficult to grow. Ant the larger guys that were doing it as a job get really hit hard.


Oh. If I’m 100% honest, I think this is OK. I think expecting to grow a channel on youtube to be able to fund life and/or our gun addiction is a bit immature, like expecting to grow up and win the lottery and never work a day in your life. Sure, it could happen, but I wouldn’t hedge my bets on it. As for the larger channels… Somehow I think they’ll be alright.
As a tip, if your channel requires ad revenue to be worth doing for you, shut it down. A channel grows because it puts out good content, not because of ad revenue. If the content is there, it will grow.


@Whoops Could disagree more… Don’t forget that most large content creators we enjoy today started from the same place; the ground up. What you’re saying about the “Larger Channels” likely being alright basically parallels incremental gun regulation that exists around the world today - “It’s no big deal, enjoy what you have, for now…”.


You aren’t paying attention to what I’m saying. I’m saying that I don’t think monetization of the videos produces better quality gun media for us as the consumers. If their motivation becomes producing videos for money and they keep quality high then good for them.

I’d like to use inrange as an example. Inrange went the patreon route, which motivates them to produce quality that is consistent with what consumers want. With a channel that is large and has a good number of subscribers, you can count on getting an average number of views independent of the quality. That translates into income. While you must maintain a minimum quality standard, you don’t have much or any motivation economically to go above and beyond. Of course some people do, but that is my point: if your motivation to do a gun channel comes from ad revenue and not a desire to put out content that you can’t find elsewhere, then shut down your channel. Obviously those folks who go above and beyond (and lets face it, they’re extremely limited in our industry, in fact even some channels that I enjoy watching don’t seem to give it a shot) are motivated by something other than the ad revenue, and they’d continue making videos even if there was no money to be made from it, simply for the enjoyment of the content itself. That’s what we need, not another money led channel that burns out after a relatively small number of videos that don’t really give us anything new aside from shooting some kind of new meat target wrapped in jeans.


By the way, IDK if this is GTO_Kroh’s channel, but it is what I got when I looked up his name on yt.

Feel free to point me towards your channel GTO, cause if what is above is it, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of meat targets and guns.


That’s my personal channel. My channel that I’m building is firearms fuel & fabrication. I am very new. And learning more about editing every day. And I wasn’t looking at monetization for full funding or replacing my job. But it was nice to have a few dollars coming in to put towards ammo. Especially on the recent video I did where I was using gold medal match.


If you need some money to cover ammo I highly recommend clickworker. I do it while I watch TV or whatever and as long as the task you’re working on doesn’t require audio you can pretty much just dick around while making a small amount of cash on the side.


Also, I wanted to add that your editing wasn’t the issue I had with your channel. It’s the content.


Which channel did you go to whoops.


Well, given that you never linked me your other channel, the one that I posted above.


Here you go.


Okay. I joined the board just to post on this thread. I have recently been enjoying you tube vids and learned about the libtards sabotage of what they have been done. My .02$:

This is just another battle in the ongoing war libtards have been waging against Americans for decades. While it may be appealing to consider YouTube to be “like Holly Hobby” in that it belongs to the owner and if they want to encourage libtards and punish Americans that should be up to them.

I would submit that this is not a valid, logical line of thinking. Holly Hobby is a brick and mortar store that is a “physical place” doing a business that has competition. If you don’t like their politics you can go Dow the street and subsidize some other entity. YouTube is a “commons”. It is not a physical space. There is no competition.

The logical response to YouTube is what Hickok has done. Bravo! Ahead of the curve. American you tubers need to do likewise and perhaps even link up like the old “chain” websites or whatever. The point being, Americans need to devise an alternative to YouTube and leave it to the libtards.


Your problem still isn’t your editing. It’s still your content (I haven’t extensively searched your videos obviously but I’m assuming what you posted here is what you consider a good representation of your channel). The problem I have with most gun reviewers (MAC, Sootch, YM, etc… come to mind) is their content is frankly, uninteresting to me and they don’t provide an interesting perspective. HOWEVER, I will say your channel has more hope to be interesting than most small channels, by virtue specifically of the fabrication side of things. IDK how extensively the fabrication elements of your channel factor in to the firearms side of things (do you make firearms parts/accessories?) but if I were you, that is what I’d focus on. IMO, if you do that, you might not gain a massive audience, but you’ll certainly gain a devoted one. Don’t become a cookie cutter channel. I’m not interested in the ridiculous “torture testing” like what IV8888 did with the meltdown videos, or accuracy testing, or any of that. Not saying you shouldn’t have any of that, but I am saying that you should have those more as a rarity than a staple. Beans and rice are a good food, generally pretty healthy, but there’s a reason only the impoverished rely heavily on them. Don’t be poor people food, be venison entrecote with a seared foie gras and a cumberland sauce.


Jesus christ you sound insane.


The sound issues were an old camera… if you notice in the last couple videos I have upgraded…one small improvement at a time…


I wasn’t referring to you with the insanity comment, that was a response to wasteout. Honestly I think your editing/video skills seem fine. Not excellent but as you noted those improve with practice and time. Sorry about making your content SPECIAL, don’t worry about your editing or camera right now unless it’s so bad that it’s making your videos unwatchable (which isn’t the case right now). The thing in trying to hammer home is that you have the potential to make some awesome content, so IMO skip (or at least limit) accuracy testing videos, and even to some extent reviews (however a review here and there is always appreciated). Worry almost exclusively about making your content unique and worth watching. Don’t try and imitate folks who are already successful, try to break from molds.


It would be nice to have an alternative to YouTube. For example, if Full30 expanded to include all outdoor activities, such as shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, bushcraft, knife reviews, gear and gadgets etc… Sell advertising and share with content creators. The You Tube censorship will not end.


I know nothing about what it takes to run, market and make make money off of a website like youtube. I have my own personal channel with a few crappy videos and wish I had the creativity and knowledge to make good ones. With that said, I think youtube is making a mistake with its decision to “demonetize” it. The decision, in my opinion, may seek others to use alternative video hosting sites, like, which in turn will lead to lower viewership, and lower viewers will lead to less ad revenue. I remember reading how some advertisers didn’t like having their ads on video content they disagreed with. That’s fine, and it’s their right to choose which videos they wish their ads to be included in, but I think youtube’s decision is akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water, so to speak, to resolve that issue.

Anyway, I took a look at a few of the OP’s videos on his Firearms, Fuel and Fabrication channel. It includes three topics I really like. I especially like the workshop and wish I had one like that! But I’d try to focus more on keeping the videos as entertaining as possible to keep the viewers from closing the video and moving on. I tend to do that after I’ve lost interest in a particular video. I’d go straight to the point while entertaining your viewers. How to do that? I have no idea! Like I said, I’ve made only a few crappy videos myself, and yours are way better and much more entertaining than mine! Either way, keep it up!