Thank you

I just want to say “thank you” to all of those who serve; whether it be military, LEO, or even just the hired security guard working at a park (thank you, brother). You ALL have a tough job trying to protect this nation, be it overseas or domestic. Sadly, it all too often goes unappreciated.

If you see a military member, or a policeman of any kind; PLEASE take the time to tell them “thanks for serving”. I know they appreciate it and it is very encouraging for them to hear. After-all, we know the anti-“blue” folks out there have no problem letting them know how they feel.

May Jesus bless and protect ALL who put their lives on the line to help protect this nation. That even includes the “law-abiding” citizen that is “carrying” with the purpose of protecting.


Amen Sister!


God protect them, while they’re doing the same for us.


Thank you.
USN 1961-1966
NYPD 1968-1981