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(Trying not to sound like a salesman hahaha) Hello everyone and thanks for letting me join Full30. I own and operate a small online & gun shop just outside Lockport NY and Im looking forward to learning and seeing what I can offer here. At Sanborn Gun Shop, our business model minimizes our cost overhead allowing Sanborn Gun Shop to offer not only great personalized service, but our pricing consistently beats what you’ll find at any of the box box stores. We also offer FFL transfers for online purchases or person to person. Our online showroom model also lets us offer over 21,000 different items so chances are we have what your looking for but if you don’t see it, give us a call and we’ll do our best to track it down for you as we’ve partnered with some of the biggest wholesalers in the United States so what you need is only a few days away. Shop online or give us a call and we’ll happily answer all of your questions or set up a time for you to stop in for 1 on 1 no waiting line service.

Link to Sanborn Gun Shop

Please let me know is I can offer any of our items to any of the Full30 members. Thanks!!!


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Welcome to Full30 @sanborn_gun_shop Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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one of my favourite gun shops is a part timer (real job) that runs off his acerage. His prices beat the big city by 25% due to his overhead being his garage.


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Thats awesome! Thats my business model also. I dont have a huge inventory in my shop but I can get preety much anything in about 2 business days. So far my customers appreciate my service and pricing hoping I can continue to grow. Thanks for the reply!!!


Thanks switchpod!!


Welcome to full30! Did you bring our membership fee guns? Lol


Believe me I wish I could!!! Maybe someday!!! lol


You really only need to suck up to the moderators.


lololol Just here to share stories and laughs with folks and hopefully learn some stuff! Not here to argue and be a jerk! That being said… GREAT ADVISE!



Thank you for adding FULL30 :wink:


Do you sell bulk ammo?


Welcome to Full30…


But Roberts not here right now…


^ This. @sanborn_gun_shop


Yes … here is a link to my ammo sorted by caliber … thx!


Welcome ! Glad to have you.


You sell Silver / Brown / Golden Bear mate?! Brilliant, that’s my favorite ammo maker. Any full30 discount codes? wink wink You could be my #1 source of ammo after seeing you have most of my cartridges in them.


While I’d love to offer discounts its very hard on credit card orders. If there is anyway you could pick up from me I could do 2% for cash and 5% for cash for first responders… that help?