The 1 millionth M1 Garand



Great weapon :+1:


I still need to add one of these to my collection.


Just buy the one in the article, its going up for auction.


Dammit. People stop giving me more ideas!!!

On a more serious note, the M1 is a badass. That is all.


Not to talk smack but I’d pick it over a PS90


Me too


^ Fixed that for you. :wink: I kid I kid…

I’m honestly so confused now on what to buy it’s ridiculous. That’s the problem I have as a relatively new firearm owner. So many things I want buy but limited funds to get them. So I have to think practicality first. The PS90 seems to be the most practical if it’s just one item to purchase. The M1 is expensive so it too would be just a single purchase. If I bought the VEPR (which I’m still aching to buy) I can get a couple/few handguns to go with it.



You don’t have to but that M1 :grin:

Better take your time


General George S. Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”


Instant gratification yo.


Right, the American way :us:


My first MP online game


So where does one get a normal M1 these days? <— Dangerous question.


CMP is where alot of people buy them.



Why cant civilian versions of the m14 go for those prices?


Sorry I meant places to buy it that WEREN’T gunbroker. :slight_smile:


I just found that. Yea I’m not liking all the qualifications / restrictions. That’s why I didn’t get a 1911 from them.


Atlantic firearms, might have them still.