The .50 Beowulf, it's like shooting a canon


Every wanted to have your very own canon? Well, the Beowulf is pretty much that.


I love .50 Beowolf. I use coyotes as my test subjects for new rounds and the Beowolf did all types of cool stuff to it. Its my favorite specialty round for the AR


Looks like that gnarly break out front is doing some good work on your rapid fire. Do prefer the .50 Beo or .458 SOCOM?


I haven’t shot a socom yet, it’s on my build list. The brake really helps a lot.


The .50 beawolf is not that bad anyways. Its got a kick but its not uncontrollable.


The recoil seems to be much worse for people watching off to either side.


Lol The 11" FAL seemed worse, what little bit I shot it.