The 500 magnum, it's just too big



Brief summary - if you have little hands, weak shoulders and are recoil sensitive you shouldn’t own a 500 magnum.
The rest of us can handle them just fine.


And yet, so many just can’t.


Recoil Sensitivity is a real problem for some people…
Even Hitchcok45 uses recoil pads in a lot of his videos with long rifles.
I shoot 30.06 and .303 a LOT and don’t have any issues from recoil so every one of us are different.
Most of the time when I have a student struggling with shotguns it turns out they are recoil sensitive.
Dropping them from a 12 gauge to a 20 gauge changes their world instantly.


I own one and its about your training on a using a revolver. everything from gallery loads to 700 grain that turn the 500 into Thor’s hammer.