The age old question, 9mm or .45?


I know this question is now burning in your head, so it’s time to find out.



Its preference really. Most the experts choose 9mm for self defense though .

I love first world problems


9mm vs .45?


9mm all day long its all about shot placement.


Watch the video, you’re all wrong.


hahaha yea putting both to shame with that 500


Well ok That’s some hell of a recoil though. But if you want a one shot stop on the bad guy with a quick follow shot up to take down that airliner overhead then that’s the perfect choice.
If I was wearing that concealed on my hip I think the weight would have me walking in clockwise circles all day. I’d have to head out the back door to get to my truck in the front yard.


Welcome to my world!




Why you all continually need to be reminded IDK


Robert you win the internet. 10mm is yummy. Maybe my next handgun will be an EAA Witness 10mm. Unless a mil surp rears it’s head by then.



I can’t wait to redeem my award

and show my wife when it arrives


Does that make .500 magnum the finger of Satan?


How do you think TR got his?


I posted some songs from “The Doors” in the music thread. I feel I won the internet today, or at least qualify for a participation trophy.


Sold his kidney, probably the real reason he was in the hospital.


The 500 magnum is the fist of Satan.


What about the .600 nitro?


Pfft, .500 Magnum. How cute.

Me I just want the hand cannon of the gods. :cowboy_hat_face:


“Wrist breaker” of the gods