The ammo topic, until we get a dedicated ammo forum


Like that new insanely fast Dodge with 800 horsepower.
At speed it uses something like a gallon of fuel every 11 seconds.
It probably gets no complaint from the local gas stations.
Burn that ammo!


Those are good points. We like shooting, so practice is only part of the process, enjoyment for us is the other. :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s like xmas in July!


I reload for training, competition, practice and, I buy factory for carry/home defense.
I buy smaller quantities mostly from local brick and mortal like SportsmansWarehouse, BassPro and Ventura. I get discounts from both SW & BP.
I buy bulk mostly from online retailers when the prices are good enough to offset the shipping/tax and quantities high enough.
Big Box stores like Walmart generally don’t carry what I shoot.


Yes to the above.
I reload most everything, too.
Doubt if I have more than a few store bought boxes of ammo.
Never found much of what I shoot at any store, either.
Once in awhile I would come across the Winchester lo noise, lo recoil shotgun rounds.
And there used to be plenty of cheap .22s once upon a time.
Not so much lately, though.


Any ideas what the smokiest .45 LC ammo I could get for my SAA replica? Gonna go to the range next week and I’d like to get some smokey ammo. :cowboy_hat_face:


PSA has some very good pricing on most ammo…Target Sports often has good pricing…Cabela’s will have good sale pricing on ammo, just gotta keep checking on website…a lot of bulk surplus ammo can be had for basically same price from a lot of sites. Everglades Reloading is a good place to get bulk brass and bullets.


Midway USA or Sportsman’s Guide whenever my ammo is on sale. Very rarely do I buy locally unless I’m in some sort of a pinch.

I try to maintain a minimum of 1,000 rounds combined on any given day. When I get below that, I start watching for sales.

I also like donating my $ change to the NRA when I make my purchases through Midway.


To quote myself and ask another question to you all. I’m also having a hard time deciding on what standard pressure .45 LC I want to shoot. I know I will shoot those cowboy action loads for fun but I’d also like to squeeze as much out of my wheelgun as I can without blowing it up with something stout that isn’t +P. What do you all who are familiar with .45 LC think of these? Any suggestions otherwise?

And I’m going to assume these would be a nice assailant stopper as well?

The one with the highest energy I could find in standard pressure (566ft.lbs.):



If I/we happen to be in an Academy, Cabela’s or Wally World I’ll pick up at least a few boxes “just because”.


The nearest Cabela’s is like 70+ miles away and I don’t believe we have an Academy or Wally World in Ohio. “Rural King” would be my local choice that is approximately 25 minutes away from me.


with a recent event with Academy you might choose somewhere else to shop.


Never mind. I see the topic.


In a way I envy you. I’m dying to pack up and move with the wife out to the middle of nowhere in ID/UT/MT.


You’ll get there one day I’m sure.

It’s a lot work, especially now that our boys are grown and off on their own. We live in a creek valley out in the rural country of Southern, Ohio - Deer Country!

I have approximately 1,000 acres of pristine hunting lands to my disposal. We’re surrounded by small creeks, some farm corn & bean fields, but mostly woods & CRP fields.

Just my wife and I trying to keep up and maintain one home, one wellhouse, one cabin, one barn, one outhouse, one shop and several animals. Definitely keeps the both of us in shape and on our heels.

Today is my mow day of approximately eight acres. Tomorrow, I’ll be trimming shrubs and doing some weed trimming. In about month, I’ll start cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter.


Wow. Love it.
Hey :thinking::flushed: this would make a great Full30 bug out spot. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a few of us leeching… er…? I mean “helping out” in a SHTF situation. Post the GPS for us and we’ll just keep it between us.

Kidding of course. But looks like a dang nice place.


Thank you!

Yes, we’re out of sight and out of mind. Our wellhouse is our bunker. Months supply of food, water filtration system along with everything else needed when the SHTF!

FYI, we’re also armed to the teeth and my wife is a hell of a shot!!!


Very nice brother.

When we do move out west I plan on finding a nice sized plot of land (40 acres minimum) with a mountain view and hopefully a running steam/spring on the property.

Oh and my wife is a hell of a shot as well.


you all are lucky.

My wife gives me hell for going shooting (well, closer to “heck”, but you get the idea).


After 36 years my wife just says have fun or get my guns and I will go to!


My wife is credited for getting me in to it. :sunglasses: So, yea, I’m lucky!