The ammo topic, until we get a dedicated ammo forum


Yes, Mister_Torgue, you are lucky!

But, you do seem to be a decent guy, so maybe not all “luck”.


I prefer to buy locally but do order bulk ammo 2 or 3 times a year from SG Ammo. I like them as have real time inventory, large selection and reasonable shipping costs. If I order on Monday it will arrive on Thur… I don’t reload.


After doing some research , best place i found for best prices and Free shipping on all BULK AMMO - placed a order on Wednesday afternoon ,and had my order by Friday - you have to keep a check on your favorite ammo for sale dates ,1,000 rounds American eagle 223 -299.00 &1000 rounds lawman 124 grain 199.00 - Good prices -


Yea opera gave me the shaft after update ,i coudnt watch vids on full30 so i installed it 5 times no good -so i just installed firefox and it works , i do like opera fast


Never liked Opera. It just didnt work well. Of course, that was a long time ago. Maybe it was a beta version. Lol. I’m a Firefox guy.

Anyway, back on topic…
a few that haven’t been mentioned…