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I bought some 9mm +P Hornady XTP’s but that had me thinking. What 9mm +P self defense ammo has the highest ft-lb of energy and what had the highest effectiveness? I like the Federal HST’s but am open to what ever else out there.

Seems like this one I just bought (below) is pretty damn good but probably isn’t the highest energy or effectiveness? Thoughts?

Oh and I really think this Canik I have is able to handle +P+ but cannot verify that yet.


This link includes ammo testing results by


I believe that this might be the avenue your looking for.

Keep in mind that and hotter ammunition that your pistol can run will also speed up wear and breakage possibilities.


Wow! Federal hydra shock had some impressive penetration in that test!


A couple of places I look to see check prices are:


This is perfect thank you! Exactly what I was trying to find but came up empty!!


Funny as I was just there looking for .45 LC. Hah, didn’t dawn on me to check them out for 9mm.


They make very nice ammo!
.223 Remington, 77 grain, at 3100 FPS!


Good stuff to say the least.


Wow that energy retention is awesome.


For the full power stuff I like Buffalo Bore Double Tap and Underwood


Now those are some little powerful .380’s!


My Browning eats them like candy, laser accurate!


Nice piece!




Here is one ammo store for good ammo deals:


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What? No black tip 5.7? What kinda ammo site is this? Yo, Dawg, y’all got that 855 green? I…I jus need a taste, yo…


Got some of these coming in the mail. Anyone use any of these three and could provide some feedback?

20 Round Box - 5.56 PMC X-TAC M855 62 grain Green TIP FMJ LAP Ammo - 556K|PMCm855-1
20 Round Box - 5.56 NATO 62 Grain Spirepoint Soft Point Hornady Frontier Ammo made by Lake City - FR280
20 Round Box - 5.56 NATO 62 Grain BTHP Match Hornady Frontier Ammo Made by Lake City - FR300


It’s fun to shoot at night massive muzzle flash!!!