The ammo topic, until we get a dedicated ammo forum


Hah, sweet. How’s the accuracy?


I have used both, the frontier ammo is a little more accurate in my opinion. That being said PMC X-tac is awesome too.


Accuracy, in that price range👍


Green tip is a beautiful thing.


How about grey, er, silver?


Nice @Robert

I REALLY want the black tip 5.56’s…but good luck getting that!




Orange tip is by far my favorite though.


Do you like them for the pretty colors or for their performance?


Why has nobody made a ‘just the tip’ joke yet? I’m disappointed in every one of us. :rofl:

@Robert your ammo can situation… :+1:


I thought that’s what the orange tip was. Lol



If I had a 50 BMG I’d be all over this.


why let that stop you?


I collected with no BMG but it’s because these used to be 8 bucks each so it was somewhat an investment

now we’re planning to move and everything heavy is being examined for need

lol, these are heavy


5 green 1 orange, wash rinse repeat am I right? :cowboy_hat_face:

I didn’t think tracers were legal or obtain by civilians… But man it would be sweet to create a nice light show at night.


Get a firework launcher for your AR.