The Bersa Thunder 22X

This little handgun sorta surprised me… what do you think?


Two things you didn’t mention, and BTW I have two similar Bersa’s in my home, Model 23 22lr


One thing I believe lends to the accuracy is the fixed barrel, and one thing I believe lends to Bersa warning you about ammo is actually grip

Seems both my wife and daughter both have more feed issues than I do, and while I have had issues, it seems they both have more, I hope I don’t find those words have feed issues next time we all go to shoot :grin:

I originally traded a Handy Rifle in 223 for one of these, then sold it off, when the guy I sold it offered it back for a Paslode I made the trade and gave it to my wife so it would not be sold again, then when a NOS came up on gunbroker I bid up to 300ish as I recall and then gifted it to my daughter, if I found another at the right time I’d buy again, so far I’ve not scored extra mags for either, I have read where the newer model mags do work but even those are elusive.

Both make for cheap fun shooting, which it looks like your video demonstrated :grin:


I had a Bersa 380. I let my SIL have when she was going through a divorce. It was not a bad gun and I would not say no to a 22lr version at the right price.