The best states for gun owners ranked


Where’s your state at?


At least Montana is #8 hahhahahhaa


Is Arizona truly a gunowners paradise?

Also, how is it that Alaska is not #1 ?

Not sure I buy into their comments, especially from what all I have heard.


Idaho also receives full points in the NFA, Black Rifle and Miscellaneous categories, which puts it ahead of Alaska this year.

Looks like Alaska was higher, but it got bumped down as Idaho made some improvements. The list says Alaska is hard to beat from a laws standpoint, but is hurt from an apparent limited firearms opportunities/culture up there. (according to the list at least)

Arizona has been #1 on that list for five years in a row, and it isn’t the only list I’ve seen it at #1. Its gun laws are quite something.

This list also seems to include some difficult to quantify factors, such as the shooting culture in the state. It’s a “best state for gun owners” list, which goes beyond just gun laws. So Arizona’s massive gun culture and shooting opportunities gave it an edge.

Lists like these are quite subjective as different people put different things in order of priority. One list might give more weight to stand your ground laws than another for example. And things get even more subjective when difficult to quantify criteria such as “culture” are put into account.



understood. but, my guess is that a lot of Alaskans don’t need to go to a gun range - they could just step out into their backyard, or somewhere nearby, and shoot their guns. So, taking into consideration the true nature of each state, maybe the ratings are a bit skewed. And, does it really matter where the guns are made relative to where people live? sure, it is nice to have the gun manufacturers close by, but how does that really impact the residents of each state?


Same can be said for Arizona, and shooting on public land is very common in Arizona.

I didn’t interpret “firearm industry presence” as just whether gun manufacturers are there. I took it as the industry as a whole. A limited number of gun companies (manufacturers or shops), firearms instructors, shooting ranges, shooting activities, and the like can reduce the shooting community which can be a negative.

That’s just how I interpreted what they wrote.


Ranked in at 21. However, with the crypt keeper as our new Gov, I expect to start slipping back.


My state, Florida, is ranked # 23, with a previous ranking of # 12.

All things considered, the article is probably about right on this.


I thought California would be last for sure. I was surprised its not even in the last 5.


Just goes to show how horrible the other states are.


Gray state of #26, mid-pack quietude for the world’s 7th largest army. (deer hunters) :cheese:


Texas #9, but not for long. Next election cycle will be a “blue wave” here and you can bet your ass gun control / restrictions will come shortly there after. I’m also worried about Montana…it seems very unstable there politically. Perhaps our resident Montanan can chime in?


If Texas Republicans can nominate non-career-politicians that aren’t as disliked by so many people as Cruz, then we’d do better. If Beto wasn’t anti-gun, he would have beaten Cruz easily.

Texas Republicans have really screwed gun rights over by campaigning hard on gun rights, and then doing virtually nothing. The only reason why we got Open Carry and Campus Carry is because grassroots efforts dropped off petitions with more signatures than the Texas government had (literally) ever seen. (Yay for Lone Star Gun Rights for doing that!)

People need to learn that just because someone has an R next to their name doesn’t mean they support gun rights or that they support a small government.


Florida #23


Pretty scary actually lol


#39. Definitely scary.


Woo Hoo! New York is the worst. 51st out of 50 states.

And yet all day today I legally carried my S&W 9 Shield in concealed shoulder holster into town and working around the yard.


Arizona is about as unrestricted as you can get…we’ve worked hard to restore a lot of our rights in the past decade. Unfortunately we may begin to backslide since the state is beginning to swing further and further left as illustrated by the election of our first woman senator Kyrsten Sinema, who is a complete “foaming at the mouth” nut job communist pretending to be a middle of the road democrat.



thanks for your insights into Arizona.

Good luck with Sinema. Sounds like you (and all of Arizona), are going to need it.


Thanks, we are going to be in for quite a ride… we’ll see how it all shakes out.