The British are coming!






Nice. FYI sg had .303 at a good price.
Love my Pops. Very popular on Wounded Warrior day at our range.


VERY nice


Very nice indeed. I wasn’t paying attention and miss getting an Enfield jungle carbine on GunBroker. Damn it


Well dang it now you all made me want to bust out my 1944 No.1 MK 3. She was wrapped up from the move to GA.



Pretty old girl


That is a bueaty brother :+1:


Thank you gentlemen. I must admit though that your stocks are in better shape than mine.


Hopefully the stock is worn from smashing nazi heads in :smiley:


I’m sure it’s put down a few Japs to.


Love that gun


The stories our rifles could tell if we knew the history… :expressionless:


I have a No. 4 Mk I* like your one on the left.

It’s a shooter . . . but unreadable as the headspace is horrific and the cases stretch badly. But it is reliable and a solid performer.


what is the bolt head number?


I absolutely love the SMLE rifle. It was my first high power cartridge rifle. Unfortunately mine is sporturized.


Very nice! I don’t have a classic .303. Mine is a 1965 Ishy 2A in 7.62


Not having to reload to avoid monster ammo costs is NICE!


Now that is one of the better looking Ishapore’s I have seen. Good share! Even better ammo prices!
Edit: I grew up in Morrow county by the way. Go Bucks!


Watch sgammo They had .303 at a good price point.
Oh yeah I stocked up.