The building show must go on

Its been a while everyone 2020 was a bit rough for parts and builds. but it looks like the show is back on the road. if you have been following along so far, I posted the receivers that i have bought from recreator blanks. You just can’t beat perfection with them and well worth the wait. This is a Romy under folder kit that I acquired from midway a long time ago. but its time to build.

There be a video about the parts and the process in which I’ll be building so I hope you didn’t mine the wait for me in getting it all together. Its going to be a fun ride with this one and the work that will also be going into making the AK 100 series 104 clone that is on the way. Just have to settle up with the ATF for the Form 1 :sob: got to cuff up 200 to them.

If you got any question let me know and and tips on parts that maybe lurking on the web somewhere.